What Does Your Horoscope Say About Your Organisational Skills? – #OrganisedMess

If you’re thinking about your organisational skills and saying ‘ugh’ then you need to blame it on your birthday (sort of).

I remember when I was younger I would read my horoscope in some teen magazine and I would believe every single words that it said. I basically lived my life based on what my horoscope had said. If it said I should talk to the cute boy then I would, if it said there would be heartbreak then I would avoid people I loved that day.

Now that I’m older and I’ve read into it more, it’s much more fun to read about the ‘adult’ part of your horoscope instead of if that cute boy was going to ask you out.

Reading what my horoscope says about my organisational skills is so fun and I had a great time looking it up.

According to my horoscope, I’m an organised hoarder. And that is totally true. I love to collect thing but I also love all those things looking beautiful on display.

The lovely people over at Furniture At Work have put together a little infogrphic on organised mess and just what your star sign says about you. It says pretty much what I expected to hear about my horoscope so I’m pretty sure that it will be accurate for you too.

Furniture At Work - an organised mess infographic

So what do you think? Did Furniture at Work get it right for you because they definitely did for me.

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