What To Do When Visiting Someone In Hospital

Hospitals can be a very scary place. Not just for the people who have to stay in them but sometimes they are scary for visitors. It can be hard to know what to do when visiting someone in hospital so I’m here to help you out like a #HospitalHelpingHand.

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Should You Visit, and How Long Should You Stay?

You don’t want to show up at the hospital unannounced. Always prearrange your visit. You can do this by phoning the hospital or even by letting the person who you are going to visit know so that they can tell a doctor or nurse.

Try to find out the visiting hours. You never want to just drop by at the hospital. It’s disrespectful if you turn up at certain times and you never know what patients are going through.

Don’t overstay your welcome. It may sounds obvious but I’ll say it anyway. If the person you are visiting seems unhappy, uncomfortable or in pain then you should probably leave. It can be hard to leave someone who seems in pain but sometimes they just need help from a nurse and not a bunch of people around them.

Should You Bring a Gift, and What’s a Good One?

Leave the flowers. Most people think that it’s a good idea to bring flowers but it’s really not surprisingly. All your ill friend will be able to do is watch them die a little bit more and more every day. It’s not what someone in hospital needs to see.

Bring gifts that fight boredom. When people are in hospital, they can be very bored. Bring gifts such as crosswords, word searches, books and other fun things that will keep the patient occupied.

Bring them food. If you’re visiting someone who is NBM (Nill By Mouth) then you’ll probably want to skip the food but if you are visiting someone who is eating normally then a good thing to do would be bringing them some of their favourite foods. Maybe it’s a bar of chocolate or maybe it’s a McDonalds.

Things To Remember

Wash your hands. Hygiene is so important everywhere but it’s especially important in hospitals. People are ill and could be carrying diseases. You should use hand sanitiser while entering and leaving the wards.

When doctors and nurses enter the room, wait in the hall. You don’t want to be a hinderance on your friend or family member getting better. The best thing to do is simply say “I’ll be in the hall waiting” and walk out the room. It allows the nurses and doctors to get on with their jobs more efficiently.

Stay positive. This is pretty obvious but you want to keep the patient focused on getting better.

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