Use Your Smartphone to Make Life Easier!

What year is it now? 2017? Yeah, that’s about right, that number doesn’t even seem like a year which could be current. 2017 still seems somewhat far off in the distance, but the truth is that 2020 is around the corner. How time flies, and with time, comes technology. Tech has been progressing at an alarming rate around the turn of the century, and this decade was no different. We now live in the age of smartphones and tablets and laptops thinner than old Nokias. It really is somewhat scary when you look at it. But despite how frightened you may be by the progress of technology, a lot of useful things came of it too, so the best thing to do is just roll with the times rather than get stressed too much. We’ll worry about it when the AI overlords start getting out of control. Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s look at some new ways in which you can use your smartphones to make previously tedious tasks a breeze!


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Travelling has never been simpler

Whereas before, booking flights might have been quite the arduous task, it’s more of a formality nowadays. Still not as easy as getting on the bus, of course, but it is simpler than ever. For a while now, people were booking flights online on but not until somewhat recently, have you been able to book flights with a native phone app. Most Airlines have their own apps and flight comparison sites like Skyscanner do too, allowing for checking of good deals at all times. Of course, buses and coaches also have their own ones, making that a lot easier too, but it was never that much of an issue in the first place. Bigger cities like London also tend to have their own pre-paid cards for public transport, in London’s case, they’re called Oyster cards. Oyster cards now also have an app of their very own now, allowing you to top up your card, check balance, purchase travelcards and even see your travel history. It’s the little things.


Image source: Pexels

Healthiness is next to cleanliness

We’ve all sat down at the computer or took out our phones at one point and decided to finally find out what that weird pain in our stomach is. If you are like most people, then you probably came to the conclusion that you have third-stage liver cancer. Web-MD’ing yourself can be a rather stressful experience, and self-diagnosing yourself with all sorts of deadly diseases probably isn’t the healthiest thing for your psyche either. Fortunately, you can now quickly get the help of an actual doctor with an Online Dr App from the NHS, which is probably a much more effective solution. There is also a plethora of fitness-related apps which help you track your exercise routine, some even come with a pedometer. They can calculate how much calories you’re burning with what you do and even provide some suggestions. Worth looking into if a personal trainer is a bit out of your price range. If you have the will to work out in the first place, why not make it easier for yourself?



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    I’ve tried all these fitness routine apps but always end up back at Fitbit. I love my little watch and although I don’t always pay close attention, it’s interesting to check up on every now and again. | Latest blog post: (Realistic) Ways To Make Yourself Happy

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