Unique Locations For Romance In France

France is a beautiful country, and spots such as its glorious capital have long been associated with romance. Perhaps you’ve taken your partner to Paris before, and there’s nothing wrong with experiencing such a popular tourist destination; there’s a reason it is so popular, and everybody should visit the city at least once in their lifetime. Of course, romance is all about spontaneity and surprising your partner with something unexpected.

The point is that you might not want to keep taking your partner to Paris every time you want to give them a whirlwind weekend. There’s nothing saying you can’t still plan a trip to Disneyland in the future, but you might want to start thinking outside the box. There are other beautiful spots in France within which romance can flourish. Here are some unique locations you might not have even heard of wherein you and your loved one can have a beautiful weekend, week, or month, depending on how irresistible you find the place.

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This is the perfect place to begin. You’ve probably heard of Lyon if you know anything about France, but if you always opted for the beautiful capital of Paris over this old town then it’s time to put an end to that. When it comes to delicious food, Lyon is the place to go, and that’s certainly at the heart of any romantic date. Of course, you want glorious sights at which you can gawp too, and Lyon has those in spades. The Basilica of Notre Dame is just one stunning example. You can admire all the architecture in this fantastic city, or you can simply enjoy relaxing and doing nothing. Either way, romance lingers in the air.

Méribel and the Three Valleys.

When it comes to stunning sights and beautiful places to stay, Méribel and the Three Valleys is the place to go. If you love beautiful snowy slopes and skiing down those aforementioned slopes then this could be the perfect place in France for you and your loved one to visit. There are so many different places to stay, given that it’s the best linked ski area in the world, but you might want to look into options such as Purple Ski if you want to really impress your partner with a luxury chalet holiday.

When it comes to a romantic holiday, it’s about putting together the perfect experience whether you’re skiing or relaxing in your accommodation; romance is about the fun and adventurous side of things and the downtime, as well. A ski resort with this much beauty and luxurious places to stay is the perfect spot for romance, and it’s certainly a unique place that you may never have thought to visit before; you might not have even heard of it.


You really need to heat to Tupai Island. If you want to bring out the big guns and blow your partner away then taking them to this heart-shaped island is certainly the way to do so. Paris may be popular for being the center of romance, but you can’t beat the romantic island of Tahiti. Everything about this place screams “love”.


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