The Step By Step Guide To A Tidy Bedroom

I made a post a few weeks about about staying organised and tidying. For some reason, it was quite a popular post so I decided to do something similar but different. This time, I’ll be giving my advice on tidying your bedroom.

I am absolutely no expert on this, in fact, the only part of my bedroom that always says tidy is my bookshelf. However, when I do feel in the mood to tidy my room (which doesn’t happen why often) I think I’m pretty good at it.

My Guide to a Tidy Bedroom.

1. Find the right playlist/album. I personally find it so hard to tidy my bedroom without music playing. Sometimes, I don’t even play music, I listen to a podcast or YouTube video. I find this great as you can then challenge yourself to tidy your room by the end of the playlist, song or video.


2. Throw all your dirty clothes into a laundry basket or pile. I find that the majority of the mess in my bedroom is just clothes that I was too lazy to carry to the washing machine. By moving them out the way first, your bedroom looks instantly tidier making you feel like you don’t have much more to do. It’s motivating!

3. Make your bed. A made bed can make even the messiest room look a little bit tidier. I read once that making your bed can even help with allergies. I think it’s something to do with less dust and hairs. Don’t quote me on that though, I’m not a scientist. In fact, I failed GCSE science.


4. Pick up all the rubbish. Doing a quick run around with a bin bag and picking up all the rubbish will take no longer than a few minutes and it makes a big difference.

5. Pick up all the rest of the stuff that’s left on the floor and put it in a big pile. This may sound a little bit odd but bear with me for a moment.

6. Sort out the pile. This is my favourite part of tidying (oddly). Pick one thing out of the pile at a time and before you put it away have a think. Maybe it’s something that is no longer wanted and could be donated to charity. Or maybe it is worth money so you could sell it. If not, then put it away where it actually belongs.

7. Bring in the hoover/ vacuum. When the floor is clear, you can then hoover up all the little bits of dirty that you’ve been walking on for days. I also find it good to hoover the bottom of my wardrobe, the skirting board and the corners of the ceiling.

8. Organise, organise and organise. Once your room looks pretty tidy, you can then organise shelves, drawers, your windowsill and desk. It will make a huge difference to your bedroom.


9. Relex in your clean room. Now that your bedroom is finally tidy and your parents can stop nagging you or your partner can actually get to their side of the bed, you can relax and even treat yourself because you deserve it.

P.S. What tidying tips or tricks do you use?

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  1. March 7, 2016 / 5:27 pm

    Love this!

    Was tidying bedroom at flat the other day. Main problem is all the bits-of-paper that accumulate in drawers: receipts, leaflets, cinema timetables etc. So just threw a lot of them away.

    Think the key to having a tidy place is not to have lots of Stuff around. But it’s a constant battle…

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