Socks That Make Your Feet Softer?!

Yep, you better believe it because I have found socks that genuinely soften your feet.

I was sent these beauty feet socks and I am so happy with them! The socks themselves are so soft and fit to my feet perfectly.

The beauty socks have a little bit of material at the heel of the foot which is called a nourishing pad. By wearing the socks daily, the nourishing pad will soften and relieve hard, dry and rough heels.


Each pad contains a patented nourishing formula that consists of advanced softening and moisturising ingredients.

If you wear the socks for 8 hours a day for at least 14 days then you will see a huge difference. After the first day of wearing these socks, I noticed a huge difference to my feet. They felt softer and more moisturised.

Something else that I loved about these socks was that they were black. They reminded me of my old school socks. I wish I knew about beauty socks during my school days!

Have you ever tried beauty socks before?

Eleanor May

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