Running While Overweight

When you’re overweight it can be hard to actually start running. I am talking from personal experience here. I didn’t want to go out running because things jiggled, people stared and I knew that I would be out of breath in seconds. Well something that I have recently realised is that running is not only for thin people. Running is for everyone. It’s a great way to lose weight, get fit and it is even good to clear your head when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

A great way to start running is by looking online (Pinterest is your best friend here) for simple routines or weekly plans. I found some great ones that supposedly make you able to run a 5k in 12 months. That sounds good to me! I was looking for a running plan that wasn’t too hard as I know that I won’t be very good at first at all. I found some great ones.

Get Comfortable Running Clothing
When you’re a plus size person, you do have parts of your body that will jiggle when you run. Finding the right clothing is so important. Find clothes that make you fee comfortable and not restricted. For girls, you need to find the perfect sports bra because I can tell you now, it’s not comfy having those things bouncing around.

Don’t Give Up
If you’re going from never running before to suddenly moving a lot, you shouldn’t expect to be great at first. If you don’t quite meet your goal then that is alright. Remember, if you run for 1 minute, you have accomplished more than the person who is sat at home on the couch.

Forget What People Think
While running in public, there is a chance that people will see. Majority of the time, they won’t even look at you or acknowledge you. However, they may be a time when someone laughs/shouts something cruel. What you need to remember is that they says more about the person than it does about you.

P.S. Do you enjoy running? If you do, what motivates you to run?

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  1. May 9, 2016 / 9:48 pm

    I find it really difficult to say as I have a huge chest, so this did ring true to me! I can’t find a sports bra that actually works so always worry people are looking at me and laughing! I have a 26.2 mile walk on Sunday for charity (post on my blog) so after that I’m making it my mission to try and run somewhere!

    I found your post through the GirlGang chat! xxx

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