Pokémon Hunting At Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo held a event the other day to raise money for their African Songbird appeal. In total they raised over £17,000 which is absolutely great! The idea of the event is that they let 3,500 people into the zoo after it was closed to find all the rare Pokémon that they have.


It only cost £5 per person to go to the event so it was cheap and cheerful! So we headed out to the zoo all super excited to catch some new Pokémon.

When the rules of the event were explained, everyone was informed that we probably wouldn’t see many animals since they would be all sleeping in their enclosures. That wasn’t the case though. There were so many animals just chilling outside for everyone to see. Honestly, I enjoyed seeing the animals more than catching Pokémon! Just look how pretty they all are..!


The zoo was completely filled with uncommon Pokémon that I usually wouldn’t be able to catch as I live in a little town.


Simon caught his first Golden and he was pretty happy about it! I caught about 7 of them but oh well, you can never have too many.

I finally got enough candy to get a Butterfree. Eeeek! It’s so adorable!!

I also got one of my absolutely favourite Pokémon ever, SlowPoke. As soon as I saw it, I got sooooo excited and needed it. I just feel like I am the human slow poke.

Apparently there was a Snorlax at the zoo but sadly, I didn’t catch it. That would be been super cool though!

I really hope that they do another Pokémon event soon. I will definitely be going!

I need to look up some more Pokémon Hunt events because I enjoyed this one so much. Have you ever been to a Pokémon hunting event?

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