My Not So Four Legged Friend

Just over half a year ago, my family got a lovely little Bichion puppy from a charity called Ark Angels. When we got her she was just 10 weeks old.

Ark Angels rescued the little Bichion puppy from an animal farm. When she was found, she had an issue with one of her back legs. Her leg was ‘fused’ and she couldn’t bend it at all. It has no muscle so she couldn’t use it to walk.

When we decided to turn the Bichion puppy into part of our family, we knew that she would need her leg to be amputated. We decided to call her Missy not only because it’s a cute name but also because she would be ‘missing’ a leg. I know, we aren’t funny..

Yesterday, the day finally came when it was time for the leg to be amputated. I dropped her off at the vets in the early hours of the morning. All day felt so strange. My other dog was confused and  I just felt like something was missing.

Finally, it was time to pick her up so my mum and I went to the vets to collect her. She was all drugged up and sore, bless her. We got her back into the house and put her into her crate. It’s crate-rest for 10 days now for my little pampered princess. She sat looking at the wall, moaning for hours when she first got in. She’s not a happy little lady.

The operation went well. I’m sure that she will bounce back in no time.

The operation was fully paid for by the Ark Angels charity. I am so greatful for them for allowing me to have my beautiful little puppy in my life.

You can check out Ark Angels on Facebook. I think that it is worth checking them out because what they do is amazing.

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