My Most Used Apps On My Nokia Lumia

My most used app would have to be the Twitter app. I tweet literally all the time. I have the Twitter app pinned to my home screen. Whenever there’s an awkward moment or I’m bored, I go straight to the app.

1. Instagram. I love to take photots. At first I thought that the Instagram app on the Nokia Lumia was terrible. I much prefered it on an iPhone or Android phone. Now, I actually like it. It just took me a while to get used to it. It’s not that different from the Instagram app on any other device, I just thought it looked uglier on the Nokia Lumia.

2. Tumblr. When I had my HTC I found that the Tumblr app did not work well at all. I find it to be a lot nicer and easier to use on my Nokia Lumia. It is super easy to look at posts and to reblog them within seconds. It’s propbably not so good for the people who follow me, as it’s easier for me to reblog like mad now.

3. Vine. I saw lots of them all over facebook – which got a little annoying – and I thought I would download it to see if it even was any good. I don’t actually record any vines myself, but I spend a lot of time watching other people’s.

4. Deezer. I used to use it all the time but for some reason i forgot about it. Now that I have it on my Nokia Lumia, I use it all the time. I found on other devices that it drains the battery. However, my Nokia Lumia has a great battery so it doesn’t drain it too much. Now I spend more than half the day with my earphones in ignoring everyone. I blame Deezer.

5. Facebook. I recently went through all of my Facebook friends and unfriended all the douchbags from school which made my newsfeed clear from bitchy statuses. Now I use my facebook app all the time knowing it won’t be cluttered. The app looks nice on the Nokia and it actually makes me like Facebook a lot more.

6. Kik. I use to mostly as a way of me and my group of friends all talking together as you can have multiple people in a conversation. The app looks nice and clean on the Nokia phone. The only issue with it that I have is that if someone spams you with messages while you don’t have the app open, then it often can’t keep up and still sends you notifications about an hour after the message was actually sent.

I don’t actually use a lot of apps on my Nokia phone as I mostly use the phone for calling and texting. I use another phone mostly for playing games and other things. However, I am going to start using my Nokia phone a lot more

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