Monthly Advertisers | June 2017

It’s June which means that it’s time for another monthly advertisers post. Every month, I will introduce you to some new blogger that I hope you will send lots of love to.

This month we have some very lovely advertisers that I want to introduce to you…

Curly Sue Review

Amanda runs a lifestyle and review blog where she reviews anything from books to movies. She has been blogging since 2013 (wow, a long time) and runs two successful blogs. Amanda uses her blog to raise awareness for chronic illness which is absolutely great!

Follow Amanda: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Raised By Simon

Simon is a UK lifestyle blogger who focuses mainly on reviewing movies, tv shows and books. He’s an advid reader and is always up for talking about anything geeky.

Follow Simon: Twitter

Naggins and Notions

Conor is an Irish blogger who writes lifestyle and personal posts. He writes from the heart and has a very unique and modern way of writing.

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