Looking Back

While I was lying in my bed last night, I found myself thinking about my life exactly one year ago. One year ago was the start of a whole new life adventure and so much has turned out completely unexpected.

So, let’s chat about it…

One year ago, I found myself in a bad situation. I was moving house again so I lived near all my family again. It was a great time and an awful time all at once. It was great because I missed all my family and friends but it wasn’t so great when I thought about the people I was leaving behind.

Over the past year, I feel like my life has been flipped upside down, rolled a few times, smashed apart and glued back together. I’ve tried new things, failed at new things, learnt new things and completely changed as a person. If I look back at my life this time last year, I wasn’t the person I am now. I was childish, selfish and a little foolish. If I look at my life in comparison now, I feel like I’ve grown as a person. I am much more independent, strong and determined than I was a year ago.

I’ve learnt a few life lessons since this time last year. I will never let anyone control me or rule my life again. I am in control of me and what I do. It’s time to put myself first.

I’ve met new people and lost new people since starting my new adventure. I learnt who my true friends are and who are only their when they want something.

I feel like this post sounds a little like something I should post at the end of the year or something but to me, this time last year was like the end of a year and I feel like it has now been a whole year of being in a better place physically and emotionally

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