Living with Cerebral Palsy

Today we have a guest post on the blog which is by my lovely boyfriend, Simon. I asked him to wrote a piece for my blog and he wrote this great piece on living with cerebral palsy. Please check out Simon’s blog and send him lots of love.

Over to Simon…

Hello everyone! My name is Simon and I’m Eleanor’s boyfriend. I’m going to be doing a guest post.

I haven’t been blogging long but I have featured in some of Eleanor’s posts such as the my boyfriend explains my make up post. (I had no idea what any of it was lol)

So a little bit about me…


As I said my name is Simon and I’m 23. Me and Eleanor have been dating for just over a year and have been living together for about 3 months now. As you can probably tell by the title of this post I have Cerebral Palsy.

I think I was about 2 years old when I got diagnosed and had all sorts of tests and brain scans.

I have Mild Cerebral Palsy in the left side of my body which causes me to walk with a limp and unable to use my left hand much and unable to grip with it.

Because of this, I do have a few problems but nothing too major. I sometimes struggle to reach my feet since one of my hands is a little bit smaller than the other. This means that I can’t put on my own socks, so I have a special robot, made by the US government to do it for me. I’m just kidding, Eleanor helps me put on my socks. Another issue that I have is that I am unable to do some things that most people can do. I can’t cook, I can’t ride a bike, I can’t do things quickly, I can’t carry heavy things and I can’t use a knife and fork properly.

I do just quickly want to say that just because I can’t do those things doesn’t mean that I’m a failure. There’s plenty of stuff that I can do. I can care for the people I love, I can tell funny jokes, I can read a book really quickly, I can act, I can play guitar and I can pretty much fix any technology problem.

On top of that, I’m a highly skilled Pokemon trainer!

When I was growing up a lot of people told me I was different and I was fine with that. What I wasn’t fine with was people telling me I won’t be able to do anything good in life and becuase I’m disabled. I was told that I’ll have a rubbish life, I’ll never succeed in anything and I’ll never have a job.

They were wrong.

Now 20+ years later, I can play the guitar pretty well, I have practiced Martial Arts, and I have had a few jobs in my life.

Now don’t get me wrong, finding a job when you’re disabled is no easy task. You just have to try that little bit harder and keep pushing yourself.

I’m currently unemployed and looking for work. I feel as a disabled person, looking for work is a lot harder as the amount of people looking for work now is very high.

Something that I noticed a lot is that getting a girlfriend was hard. Girls had no interest in me once I told them about my disability. I think that a lot of people see dating someone with a disability as a chore which is very wrong. People with disabilities are normal humans just like you. No one is perfect. Some people can’t read, some people can’t talk, some people can’t swim. No one is good at everything. if you are good at everything, then I salute you. Just because I can’t do a few basic things on my own, doesn’t mean that I am any different from you.

Of course, I’m now dating Eleanor and we are very happy together! Eleanor helps me with a lot of things and I’m so grateful for her. Sometimes I worry that people think Eleanor should be with someone who she doesn’t need to look after. But then I remember, we are a team. She isn’t my slave and her life doesn’t revolve around helping me with my disability. I help her in different ways and she helps me. That’s how any good relationship should work.

Let’s talk about school, a subject everyone loves.

My first ever high school was a normal public school about 10 minutes away from where I lived.

And it was hell.

From day one, I got bullied about the way I walked, the shoes I had to wear becuase of my leg and I was always the easy target to pick on. I barely had any friends. For years the ‘cool kids’ threw stuff at me, called me different names insulting my disability, tripped me up and some even hit me.

But then about 2 years into the school, I thought enough is enough and I started sticking up for myself.

One day, when the main bully (let’s call him Douchebag), started throwing things at me like pens, rulers and rubbers, I as some people would say is saw red and picked up the stool I was sitting on a threw it across the classroom at him.

Funny thing about this story is after everything they did to me and other people in the school they got suspended 0 times, no detentions, nothing.

However, becuase I stuck up for myself, I got suspended for 2 weeks.

And that wasn’t the end of it, once I was allowed back into school the bullying started again straight away. Douchebag found it funny that I could actully do something with my arm.

So the bullies carried on. I couldn’t cope and I kept on flipping out. I ended up on report cards and got suspended a few more times.

If you’re wondering if I regret throwing the stool at Douchebag… No, I don’t.

Anyway, one day when I refused to go back to the school, I was moved to a different school. A school for people with special needs. At first I hated it but after a few months, I started to settle in and really enjoyed it. I had quite a lot of friends and most of the teachers and staff were all very friendly.

It was a school where everyone had a disability so it was kind of like everyone had a special connection with each other.

From school, I went into college for 2 years where I had a few comments about the way I walked and stuff but nobody made fun of me.

I still get the odd comment about my disability in the street and people staring at me walk but there is nothing anyone can do about that but what I do say to the comments is that it’s my life and my disability.┬áThe way I walk has no impact on anyones life other than mine. My walk is a part of me and I wouldn’t change it even if I could.

Well I hope you all enjoyed reading my guest post and hopefully I can write another post some time soon.

If you would like to check my blog out I’m over at

Also I do tweet some funny things so follow me over on Twitter: @SimonParker93

Bye for now!

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