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Canada truly is a magical to place to both visit and live in. Whether you want to run through Toronto, Stampede through Calgary or spend time in any number of the National Parks there, you’ll always find something to interest and stimulate you. In this article, however, we’ll be focusing solely on visiting Calgary.Below you can find some of the best things to do throughout the summer of 2017 as a traveller to this city, situated deep in the heart of the Alberta state.

First of all, as a prospective traveler to the Great White North you should be disappointed that you missed Canada’s birthday — a day that is known as Canada Day — on June 1st. What’s more, you should be disappointed that you missed it this year because it was it’s 150th version. It was one big celebration where Canadians and Calgarians alike flooded the streets and sang their hearts out — displaying that national pride that has been evident in this part of the world for so many years. But to make up for missing Canada’s 150th birthday, why not take to jetting out there as soon as possible in order to take a trip to the world famous Calgary Stampede? Running this year from July 7th to July 16th, you have a over a week to dust off your cowboy boots and mosey on over. When there you’ll be able to try food from all the world, only fried. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in all the cowboy antics you want. And you’ll be able to see first hand why this festival is so sought after and visited each and every year.

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But the Stampede is not the only thing you can do in Calgary. No, you can also delve right into the heart of the city and make your way up to equally famous Calgary Tower. This tower, formerly the tallest building in the whole of Canada, offers views of the whole city as well as the infamous Canadian Rockies that loom away in the distance. It costs $18CAD to ride the elevator up the tower, but it is well worth it. But if paying this amount seems like a stretch, then why not book a place at the Sky 360 restaurant that sits at the top of the tower? This will waiver the $18 you owe to get to the top of the tower, and one you’re at the top you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to dine in a roaring restaurant in the sky! And once you’ve eaten and seen everything you want to see, you simply must come back down to the ground and head over the road to the Glenbow Museum. It is full of different exhibits, each telling of an integral part of Canada’s history. From the importance of the canoe, to the indigenous peoples of the land, to the securing of the 1988 Winter olympics.

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However, before you fly into Calgary airport, there are a few things you need to get sorted. One such thing is the fact that your country may be asking you to apply for and be granted at eTA. This is not a visa, but it just as important as you need it to be able to fly into the country. So, whilst you’re planning your travel arrangements, don’t forget to visit the website that not only tells you if you need an eTA, but also the one that will allow you to apply for one. The eTA, once you have paid for and obtained it, will electronically tag itself to your passport. And if it’s not tagged on to your passport in this fashion, and you need it to be able to fly the country, you simply won’t be allowed on the plane.

So, whether you visit Calgary to Stampede, eat in a rotating restaurant, visit museums or to use as a base to get to the nearby Rockies — just make sure to have the time of your life. And make sure to get your eTA sorted if you live in a country that requires you to do so!


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