My family, my boyfriend and I all took a little trip to Ikea to look for some little bits and bobs for my new flat. I ended up walking around, imagining my dream home and wishing that I could afford to buy everything. Ikea just makes everything look so dreamy!

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I picked up quite a few items from my little trip. I didn’t get the big stuff because the car was pretty full but I will be definitely going back so there could be another Ikea haul following this one.

So, let’s get into it..

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1. Probably my absolute favourite purchase was this duster. I am very weirdly obsessed with feather dusters. This one reminds me of my dog so I just had to get this. This feather duster only cost £4 which is admittedly a little expensive for a duster but oh well.

2. I also purchased these little hand towels. They will be great to just keep next to the sink for after I’ve done the dishes or something. These towels cost a very little 25p so we decided to get 4. You can never have too many little towels.

3. I have seen on Pinterest that there’s a lot of uses for these carrier bag holders. I can’t decide if I should use mine for carrier bags or for wrapping paper like Pinterest showed me.

4. Ikea had a display of these light shades with different patterns all over them. When I looked closer, someone had actually draw the patterns on in coloured pens. I thought that was such a lovely idea. They were only £1.50 each. We decided to buy two but I’m not sure if I should leave the plane or decorate them. What do you think?

5. The only furniture type thing that I bought was this little side table. I didn’t plan on buying furniture but we then saw this table for only £5 and decided that we need to have it. It’s such a bargain! I wanted to put it up to take a photo for you but since I’m moving soon, there’s no point putting it up until I get to the new flat.

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6. I then bought this little box of six glasses. They are pretty small so I probably won’t brink out of them often but they looked cute. I can’t remember exactly but these cost about 90p.

7. I needed to get a bush for the new flat so we decided to just buy a little one. The brush comes with a long handle so you don’t have to bend over and get a sore back to clean up.

8. I love cutlery trays. That sounds weird, I know but hear me out. There’s so many uses for them other than storing cutlery. Pinterest it if you want inspiration. I actually think I’m going to use this one for cutlery this time though.

9. I found this collection of tupperware boxes and got so over excited. Sometimes, I just look at myself and laugh. I’m a 19 year old girl that gets excited about tupperware boxes. My life is fun! I think it came with about 12 boxes in total. You could get them in a range of colours. I chose orange. I mostly did this because my boyfriend is allergic to oranges so I like to buy things in the colour orange to annoy him. I’m not a nice girlfriend.. 😛

10. I then found this super cheap washing up draining thingy (why can’t my brain think of what this is called?!). It’s one of those things that you have next to your sink to put the clean dishes in so that they can dry. I think this one is super cool because it has a section for cutlery which definitely over excites me.

11. Lastly, we got this washing up brush. I actually found a nicer and cheaper one but my boyfriend decided that we needed this one because it has a suction on the bottom. I can imagine that he will be sicking it to anything and everything that it will stick to. I swear, he is a little kid trapped inside an adults body!

That’s all for this haul. Keep an eye out because there will be another haul coming up soon!

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  1. May 11, 2016 / 11:14 am

    I love Ikea, all the stuff they do is great! I went at the beginning of the month and spent lots of money on my new room! xo

  2. May 11, 2016 / 8:01 pm

    Love IKEA it’s so fun to walk around and love the items and furniture you can buy X great post 😆 Xx

  3. May 15, 2016 / 8:51 pm

    IKEA is great because you can buy almost anything there x

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