Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 01 | Book Review

‘When Gon learns his father Ging–whom he thought was dead–is a famous Hunter, he aspires to follow in his footsteps and track down monsters, treasures, and words of magic. Rated for older teens.’

Let’s start with the story. Hunter x Hunter is about a 12 year old boy called Gon who is trying to become a skilled hunter. He wants to be a hunter so he can be like and find his father. So the whole idea is a 12 year old boy, becoming a Hunter, arresting criminals and doing quests. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Especially when taking into account that he is totally weak and unskilled.

Well, I’m not buying it. The only thing that the story did a good job of was showing how friendship and teamwork can help you solve any problem.

The majority of the book, well about 90%, is the kids (and a fully grown man) completing tasks and quest as part of the ‘entrance exam’. It’s only about 10% of the book that actually tells a story and that 10% is slow and dull with no real story telling skills. Very few things actually happen in the story and I could probably tell you the entire plot right now with just one sentence but I won’t just in case you’re mad and want to read the book anyway.

Let’s talk about the drawings. They are average. That’s all I can say really. The characters are drawn simply with not much depth or motion effects.

Now onto the characters. So the characters are the meat of the story and it’s quite the likable cast as far as shounen go. Each character is given rather a lot of attention and we manage to learn a little about what each character’s personality is like. They are still far from fully fleshed out characters though. For example, Gon is impossible to like and relate to as he is far to cheery and optimistic about absolutely everything.

It’s probably my favourite shounen manga but that doesn’t make it any good.

Have you read Hunter x Hunter? If so, what did you think of it?

Eleanor May

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