How Well Does My Boyfriend Know Disney

I wrote a post a few months ago where I tested how much my boyfriend knows about make up and it was so funny that I decided to test him on something else. I thought what else could I test him on other than my favourite thing; Disney!

So here goes..

In which Disney film will you hear the song ‘Everybody Wants To Be A Cat’?

‘The Aristacats’

 Who teaches Mowgli the bare necessities of life?

‘The Bear Dude… Baloo’

In which Disney film will you find the villain, Cruella De Vil?

‘101 Dalmations’

Which Disney film has a female lead called Belle?

‘Beauty and the Beast’

What is the name of Woody’s owner in Toy Story?


Whose tea party does Alice attend?

‘The Mad Hatter’s… BOOM’

Which Disney character wants to be a ‘real’ boy?


‘Heigh-Ho’ is a song from which Disney film?

‘… the dward people… sleeping beauty?’

In which Disney film will you find the villain, Shan-Yu?


What type of animal is a Flounder?

‘A fish’

I was actually surprised at how much my boyfriend knew about Disney. I’m so proud of him!

Eleanor May

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  1. February 23, 2017 / 3:40 pm

    Fair play, he knew most of them. I feel like my boyfriend would know the answers to these questions before I even asked, he’s such a disney geek bless him.

    HAYLEY || Echo Luna Luxe

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