How To Maintain Your Car And Avoid Breakdowns

Car safety is something that is very important and it should be important to absolutely everyone. If you drive in an unsafe way, then you’re not only putting your life at risk but you are risking the life of others.


So if you’re looking to stay safe on the roads and to avoid a breakdown then follow these top tips.

1. Top up your fuel.

So winter will be here before you know it, the colder days are approaching. When you’re stuck in traffic, the only way to keep yourself warm is to keep the engine running. So keep your fuel topped right up.

2. Get quality tyres ready for all seasons.

If you live in rural areas that are more prone to snow, ice and floods it is worth considering a set of winter tyres, they perform better in bad weather. Quality tyres in Dunfermline are available at Fife Autocentre website.

3. Prepare for the worst.

Pack everything that you think you will need for your journeys and be prepared for if a breakdown does occur. You don’t want to be stuck out late at night in the cold with no drinks or blankets.

4. Give your car a check up.

Check your cars mechanical and electrical systems are up to scratch. If your car is due a service, make sure you get it done now to avoid any unwanted surprises.

5. Know your car.

It’s important to know everything that you can about your car. Learn how to change the wheel, open the boot and make sure you know where the jacking points are on your car.


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