How to Come Up With The Perfect Blog Name In 5 Simple Steps

I know how you feel, future blogger, You have pages of ideas of what you’re going to write about on your blog but you just can’t quite think of a name for your blog. I was right there with you when I started my blog back in 2014. Coming up with a blog name was one of the hardest parts for me.

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So, to make thinks a lot easier for you, I’m going to help you come up with the perfect name for your blog.

How Important Is a Blog Name?


The answer to this question is; very important! It’s important for two main reasons.

  1. Your blog name is the first thing that people see when they find your blog so it needs to be memorable.
  2. Your blog name instantly tells the reader what your blog is about.

So as you can see, it’s pretty important! However, it can be changed at a later date if you really want…

How to Come Up With a Blog Name

Step 1: Brainstorm ALL the words associated with what you want to blog about.

Go absolutely crazy and write down any word that you can think of that is associated with what you want to write about. You don’t need to restrict yourself. Once you’ve thought of every word possible, use a thesaurus to find even more synonyms.

Step 2: Mix and match the words to come up with cool combinations.

Add words together to create a cool name for your blog. For example, it might be an super odd combination of words that totally works like ‘marshmallow queen’ (my teenage tumblr url).

Step 3: Use a domain checker to make sure that domain name is available.

Obviously, you don’t want to have a domain that someone else is using so you need to make sure that no one else has already taken your name.

Step 4: Narrow it down to your top 5 choices.

I know this is hard but if you have way too many ideas then you need to narrow it down a little. Try to pick a top 3 but if you can’t, choose a top 5. Say the names over and over, make sure you like how they sound.

Step 5: Ask for feedback. 

Speak to family, friends and colleagues. Ask them what they think of your chosen name. You could even ask on Twitter what people think but be careful not to let anyone steal your idea.

Still Can’t Choose A Blog Name?

If all of these steps fail, which I’m sure they won’t, you can just use your name. That is what I chose to do and I’m so happy that I did. It leaves me open to a whole range of niches and topics to write about.

Woohoo! You’ve finally picked the perfect blog name. Now you can start blogging and having fun!

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  1. January 28, 2018 / 6:28 pm

    This is great advice I personally have gone through two name changes as my first one didn’t reflect what I wanted to do in the blog. Your blog name is probably tge hardest thing to decide

  2. January 29, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    Wish I had read this before I started 🤦🏼‍♀️ My blog name names what I’m about … but it is so similar to others that I’ve had to send emails apologising! I just started in my own world not thinking about the blogging community. I blogged for myself. Kinda wish I could go back in time

  3. January 29, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    This is such a helpful post especially for those who are thinking about starting a blog x

  4. January 29, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    Such great ideas! Wish I had found a guide like this when I started.

  5. January 29, 2018 / 9:07 pm

    Such a helpful guide! The name is such an important part of the blog, yet I think this is the first post I’ve seen about choosing one. I’ve been through five I think over the years. Sticking with the spicy bean though 🙂

  6. January 29, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    Love it! That’s exactly what I did, step by step!!

  7. January 29, 2018 / 9:53 pm

    This is a very useful post and having just gone through this process I know it will help others. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  8. February 4, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    It’s a very useful and informative post. I remember how much I struggled when I wanted to come up with a name for my blog. I didn’t want to use my own name because it’s too long, so I spent days trying to figure out what I would be happy with.

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