Homeware Christmas Gift Guide

This year has been my most disorganised year of buying Christmas gifts. I finally have it all done but I’ve seen people stressing that they still don’t know what to get for their family and friends. I put together a little homeware gift guide because homeware is the perfect gift for most people. I know that some people might be reading this post looking for a little inspiration so I put a little [x] buy all the items. If you want to check out the items then you can just click it and it will take you right to the website.

Biscuit Cushion [x]


These cushions are £22 each from Not On The High Street. I absolutely love this website as they sell such unique items. These biscuit cushions are pretty and would make a fascinating item in anyones home.

Update (24/10/16): These exact cushions are no longer available but if you search for ‘biscuit cushions’ then you will find very similar ones.

Copper Tea Light Holders [x]

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 13.12.36

Copper is definitely in at the moment. These little tea light holders are the perfect gift for people that love homeware. They don’t even need to be used for homeware, you could store stationary in them or make up brushes.

Rust House Tea Light Lantern [x]

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 13.20.45

This tea light lantern is from Cox and Cox. It costs £17.50 which I think is a great deal. I love little houses, they are just so cute.

Update (24/10/16): This is also no longer available which is super sad because I want to buy one this year for my Christmas decorations!!

‘Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer’ Elf Mug [x]


I’m not sure if a mug counts as homeware but I’m going to decide that it does. This mug is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys a lovely hot drink.

Medium Glass Hanging Frame [x]


These glass hanging frames are a great gift idea. You can customise them by filling them with photos and memories that you an that person share together. You can get these frames in small, medium and large.

Giant Sharpener Pen Pot Desk Tidy [x]

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 13.38.03

This desk tidy is the perfect gift for any stationary lover. It is from Cuckooland and costs £23.95. I will admit that this is a little overpriced but if you’re willing to spend the money then it’s a great gift idea.

I hope that these ideas give you a little inspiration for finding that perfect gift.

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