Going On A Road Trip? Here’s Some Important Advice


Road trips are famously fun activities. They give you a feeling of freedom, exploration, and adventure that everyone craves. When you have the opportunity to take one with your friends, it’s important you do it right to make it as memorable as possible. Now, our blog is concerned with classic cars, and so we know a little something about vehicular style. With this road trip advice, you can be sure to complete your adventure with as much class, grace, and aestheticism as possible.

Major Cities

It’s important to be somewhat familiar with the cities you are driving to, and what’s expected from their road infrastructure. This gives you an idea going in as opposed to being surprised when you get there. Of course, roads are roads, and any good driver will be able to navigate them rather well. However, some cities have strange little quirks that can trip you up now and then, making you potentially run red lights or stay in the wrong lane because you’re not sure of how to proceed as well as you might like to.

Unclear road markings or signs, hard to spot traffic lights or potholes can all contribute to trip up your driving experience. Luckily, smartphones with internet access can grant you a quick and clear picture of the city you’re about to drive in. Searching ‘X city driving items to watch out for’ or something to that effect will no doubt return results of many forums, discussing little nuances of the roads ahead to help inform you of how to proceed.

Car Lease

Why go on a road trip with your standard wagon, when a world of amazing and beautiful rental cars exist to give you the fantasy driving experience of a lifetime? This might be the perfect time to drive some of the cars you’ve seen presented and discussed on this blog. Have a look here to see if there’s something that takes your interest, and apply for the lease depending on how long you feel your trip will last. As long as you keep the car clean and well maintained, you might just secure yourself one of the best driving experiences of your life.

Pack Light

There’s no reason to drive a brilliant car if you’re just going to overweight it with luggage and fill the interior with items you don’t need. Pack as light as you can, ideally with only toiletries and a suitcase full of clothing. Not only will this lessen the effort it takes to pack and unpack the car each morning/night, but it will help you get the proper feel for the car you’ve leased, turning in corners with the efficiency the manufacturer’s had in mind. Not only that, but it’s sure to save you fuel money long-term.

Classic Routes

The classic routes are named as such because they are supremely entertaining to experience. Driving along Route 66, the Atlantic Coast, the Pacific Coast, The Great Northern trail and even border to border can give you one of the most enjoyable drives of your life, and give you a real sense of appreciation for the great nation we call home.

These tips, well implemented, will serve to give you the driving experience of a lifetime.




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