Get Away From It All with These Lesser Known Travel Destinations!

There’s nothing quite like travelling to help you escape all of the things in life that cause you stress. It allows you to leave behind all of the complicated and difficult aspects of your life and get back to basics, meeting new people and seeing some amazing sights. Of course, sometimes it can feel like the hustle and bustle of your everyday life can follow you pretty much wherever you go. This is especially the case if you end up going to certain destinations that are incredibly well known and popular. Sure, most of these places are popular for a reason, but the truth is that travelling to a place where there are thousands of other tourists around can suck all of the relaxation and fun out of just about any trip that you might take. Luckily, there is another option available to you. You don’t always have to visit the most popular or well-known travel destinations in the world. With that in mind, here are some lesser-known destinations that can help you really get away from it all.



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If you’re the kind of person who is totally fascinated by ancient history and civilisations, there really is no better place in the world for you than Peru. You can trek up into the mountains to see the ancient temples and ruins for yourself along the Inca Trail and at Machu Picchu, but if you’re not much of the hiking sort, then you can still view the country’s amazing history in various museums and galleries. Not only that but there are plenty of amazing handcrafts to find in Peru’s various towns and villages populated by the fascinating locals.


It’s amazing how many people visit Thailand every year, and never even realise that just a little bit to the south is one of East Asia’s genuine hidden gems! Indonesia is the kind of place that really does seem to have it all. Perhaps you want to experience the bustling life in a modern city; then you can do no better than the giant melting pot of Jakarta or the cultural hub that is Yogyakarta. Of course, it’s also a place where you could create a life and career for yourself if you wanted to. Sites like can show you just how many opportunities for setting up a business there are in a place like Indonesia. Of course, if you’re more interested in getting off the grid then you’ve got everything from the volcanoes of Java to the amazing backpacking trails of Bali.

The Philippines


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Another hidden gem in Asia’s crown, The Philippines are the perfect destination if you want a truly relaxing beach getaway! With places like Malapascua Island offering some of the very best beaches and diving spots in all of Aisa, maybe even the world! Not only that but you’ll find that the locals of these places are so friendly that they are likely to invite you into their homes for dinner the moment that they meet you! It’s also a place that feels very different from the rest of Asia. There’s a lot of Roman Catholic influence in The Philippines which means that the whole place has an almost South American feeling to it which it wholly unique in all of Asia.


A lot of people have Africa on their list of travel destinations for things like safari and explorations of their culture. However, instead of going to the same African countries as everyone else, why not go off the beaten path and try somewhere like Tanzania. For one thing, the country boasts three of Africa’s seven natural wonders including the highest mountain in Africa and the continents deepest lakes. Not only that but the sheer variety and volume of wildlife is enough to give anyone a safari experience that they’re going to remember for the rest of their life!



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Chile is a remarkable country simply because of how varied it is. Most places have something of a fixed climate but Chile, due to its long thin shape, seems to be able to boast climates from all over the world! From typical South American heat between the mountains to a more European feeling cool breeze near the sea. You’re almost never far from a new landscape to enjoy when you’re in Chile. Not only that but it’s one of the most underrated wine producing countries in the world. Because of the climate, Chile is able to produce amazing wines of all different style. However, because it’s not as well known as other countries, much of it is incredibly cheap!


How could you not want to visit somewhere that’s known as “the land of ice and fire”? The idea of going somewhere that is known for its low temperatures might not be that appealing, but those fears will slip away the moment you step foot in this amazing country. The truth is that it’s like walking into a fairy tale when you arrive. Whether you want to experience the summertime’s midnight sun, refresh your body and spirit in the geothermal baths, experience the beauty of the northern lights, or witness Icelandic whales gliding through the ocean, Iceland is the kind of place that you could go back to year after year and never even begin to feel tired of!



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A lot of people have something of a skewed view of Vietnam in the west because of the relationship that certain western countries have had with it in the past. However, the truth is that Vietnam is one of the most amazing and naturally beautiful places on the face of the earth. From the amazing forests to the breathtaking caves, Vietnam has landscapes unlike anywhere else in the world. And that’s not even mentioning the thriving culture of the country. If there’s one thing that the people of Vietnam can do better than anywhere else, it’s food. Whether you’re looking for amazing street food, or fresh meat and fish, there’s nothing like the food that’s available in this incredible country.


There’s nothing like a beach vacation. The sand in under your feet, the gently rolling waves, the sun above your head. But few things can ruin that experience than having to share it with thousands of other tourists all at once. That’s why Mozambique is such an amazing place. Boasting some of Africa’s most beautiful beaches, many of the places in Mozambique are also very secluded and offer you the chance to spend some quality time away from it all relaxing and refreshing yourself. Not only that but it has some of the very best fresh seafood on the face of the earth! Not only that but Mozambicans are some of the most wonderful, friendliest people in the world and they are always willing to share their time and a kind word with travellers.

Now, this is not to say that there’s anything wrong with visiting more well-known places if that’s what you want to do. However, a lot of people end up feeling as though that’s their only option when they’d really rather be going somewhere a little more off the grid. Just remember that the world is a big place and there’s no reason why you can’t try and visit just about anywhere you like. And you should always remember that you don’t have to make a choice between visiting somewhere a little less well known and having an exciting and vibrant experience. Many of these places, while not necessarily being quite as well known among tourists, still have wonderful and thriving modern cultures of their own!


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