How To Live A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

There is a lot of talk about going green. If your day-to-day actions are more environmentally-friendly you not only help the environment, but you can benefit financially, physically and mentally as well.

Take public transport instead of the car. If you have work or school or you’re just out to socialise then consider taking the bus instead of going by car.

Buy some canvas bags and use them at the supermarket. This has two benefits. 1) You don’t have to pay 5p on a plastic bag. 2) Helping the environment.

Use a menstrual cup or cloth pads if you are a woman. This might not be the best idea for everyone but it completely cuts out any waste products.

Don’t take notes in notebooks. For a notebook lover like myself, this tip is a little more difficult. However, taking notes on a computer is a much more environmentally friendly way of making notes.

Use old clothing as rags. It’s great how things can have two uses. Simply cut up your old, worn out clothing and you’ve got yourself some rags for cleaning.

Opt for paperless billing. A lot of companies now email you reciepts for your purchases. This cuts out the use of waste paper.

Start A Compost Pile Or Bin. Compost bins have become a huge trend. Not only do compost bins reduce waste by letting you re-use things you would normally just toss out, but they also save you money and help your plants grow better in your garden.

I’d love to hear what steps you are taking to make your life more environmentally-friendly!

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  1. Lauren Victoria
    February 17, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    These are fab ideas and a great post idea! Some of these I already do so it made me feel good to read that and think oh I already do that and try to make a difference haha xx

    Lauren |

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