eBay Haul

I love love love love love eBay. I’m just going to assume that we all know what eBay is because if you don’t, you can very easily google it (and be wowed) and this will all begin to make sense to you. I probably search eBay daily now. It’s definitely an addiction. I have found some great deals and bargains on eBay. I thought, why not share some of my favourite things with you guys. I usually buy things from Asia because I find that it’s so lovely and cheap that it becomes worth the months that you have to wait for it. It’s also great getting things in the post that you completely forgot that you ordered.

Here’s some of the amazing things that I bought. If I managed to find the link to these items then I have put the link in the post for you to find them, just click the [x].

iPhone 5s Owl Phone Case [x]


This phone case only cost me 99p. Such a bargain! This case is rubber so it makes it harder for me to drop my phone which is great considering I break everything.

Hand Bookmarks [x]


One of the first things that arrived was these little hand bookmarks. These cost 99p. I think that’s a great deal for 4 bookmarks. I don’t even think that I had to wait that long for these to arrive in the post. I think it took about 2 weeks.

Coin Purse [x]


This purse is adorable and cost me 99p. It has a little handle which is a cute little addition. There’s two zips and two sections to this purse. I don’t actually use this purse for money. I find that it is great for storing headphones,  chapsticks and other random stuff that you keep at the bottom of you handbag.

Flower Pencil Case [x]


This adorable pencil case cost me as little as 99p with free shipping. It is the perfect see to store a few pens in the bottom of your handbag.

Bear Bread Cutter Tool Kit [x]


I was very indecisive over buying this. I thought it would be a little bit of a waste of bread from the stuff around the outside that you didn’t eat but then I decided that eating bread that’s shaped like a bear was just too cool. When I arrived it was actually bigger than I thought and doesn’t waste much bread at all. I can’t wait to make adorable sandwiches for everyone. Picnics in the summer are going to be so awesome now! This cutter only cost me 99p.

I actually bought so much more stuff than this but I thought that I would save some of the stuff for another eBay haul if you all like this one.

My postman actually laughs at how many parcels my house get every day. I get about 3/4 a day and my mum, who is also addicted to eBay, gets parcels too. What can I say?! eBay is just great!

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  1. January 6, 2016 / 11:28 pm

    That phone case is so beautiful; you bought such lovely things 🙂

  2. January 7, 2016 / 4:08 am

    I love buying phones cases from amazon. Super cute owl case you bought! 🙂

    xo, Lynna / howlynnaful

  3. January 9, 2016 / 7:05 pm

    Oh my days, those bookmarks are so cute 🙂 x x

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