Disney Store and Paperchase Haul

I decided it was time to spend the rest of my Christmas gift cards in Paperchase and the Disney Store. They are some of my favourite shops so I was super excited to do some shopping. I actually didn’t buy as much as I thought I would do but I decided to do a haul post anyway.


My first stop was the Disney Store!


The first things I bought was this Donald Tsum Tsum. But wait a second, it wasn’t just a normal medium sized, Donald Tsum Tsum. Underneath of the Tsum Tsum is a limp zip and you open it and it has a little Donald and Daisy blanket inside. I am honestly in love with this purchase. As an extra bonus, it was on sale. I think I’m going to keep the blanket on my bed and use the Tsum Tsum as a way of storing my pyjamas. It’s going to look so adorable on my bed.


Just as I was about to head to the tills I noticed this adorable Olaf teddy. Once again, this is no normal teddy, it has a zip down his back. I think it’s meant to be a pencil case but I will probably use it to store other things in. This item was also on sale so I definitely needed it.

I then headed off to Paperchase.


The first things I picked up were these postcards. The smile postcard was on sale so I thought that it would be perfect for snail mail. The unicorn postcard is actually going to be put in a frame and will probably sit on a desk somewhere. I feel like it is going to look so lovely.


I then picked up this little case. Originally I thought it was just the case which I would have happily paid for but then I realised that it came with a little letter writing set. I am going to fill the case with all my letters from my penpals. They would look so good and I would finally have a good way to organise my letters.


The last things that I purchased was these paper tapes. I already have sooo much washi tape but a girl can never have too much.

After shopping, Simon bought me the most amazing cookie so I just had to give it a mention. It’s a cookie that looks like a cupcake, ohmigosh!


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  1. January 12, 2016 / 4:56 pm

    That olaf teddy is adorable haha. Nice mini haul!

    xo, Lynna / howlynnaful

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