How To Decorate Your Bullet Journal

Something that I care about is making everything in my life look very cute. If I can add pink and glitter to something, I will!

How To Decorate Your Bullet Journal

I want to to be the same for my bullet journal. The only problem with that is that glitter would be a nightmare and I couldn’t write everything in pink or it would just look boring.

So, I needed to find some other ways to add a little kawaii into my bullet journal.

Add Colour

Adding colour to my bullet journal is something that I love doing. I can’t deal with those pages that’s just full of writing. I always need to add a pop of colour by highlighting, shading and just colouring.



Doodle everywhere. If you have a little bit of spare space, doodle in it. I like to draw little Pokemon on my daily spreads but I also try to doodle something a little more relevant to my day. For example, draw the weather icon for the day or draw a sport that you are doing that day. Don’t forget to colour your doodles too!


I see stickers as the lazy persons drawing and I am literally all about that. I don’t have the time to sit and draw something great in my journal so I just stick a sticker in the blank spaces to add some colour the lazy way.


Washi Tape

You can use washi tape for so many things. I like to use colourful washi tape to separate my daily task lists. I also use it to cover u any mistakes that I make.

What do you do to make your bullet journal that little bit more kawaii?


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