How To Decorate And Furnish Your Home On A Budget

Recently me and my boyfriend have moved into our first flat together. The walls were colours which were bright enough to cause a headache. We had hardly any furniture and no money. Now the walls are normal and we have all the furniture and other things that we need.

That’s why I thought I would share my tips of how to furnish and decorate on a budget.

1. Look on websites such as FreeCycle and Freegle.

Both of these website are simple to use. Just simply type in your area and you will find lots of items that people are giving away for free. Just send a quick message to the person giving away the item and arrange to pick it up. Simple as that. Doing this means you could get enough furniture or anything else even to have a furnished house.

2. Ask everyone you know for help.

Simply by mentioning to all friends and family that you are moving house could mean the difference of having something or not. People will be happy to donate their unneeded items to you.

3. Getting some paint on the walls can make the house instantly feel more like yours.

If you have pots with a tiny bit of paint left somewhere in the shed then get them all out. By finding two colours that mix together well you could have enough to paint a whole room.

4. Look in charity shops.

People tend to avoid charity shops as they don’t want old used things. However, if you took some time to look around you can find a lot of useful items going cheap. You are also doing a good deed by giving money to charity.

5. Do a bit of DIY and craft.

It is simple to build a shelf out of wood. By building things and covering them in paint you could make some handy shelves. You could also build a bookshelf or even a table, depending on how good your woodwork skills are. If you are not into DIY try something a little more crafty. You could paint a canvas to put on the wall or make a cushion cover. There’s many tutorials online with steps on cute little craft things.

6. Put up notices in local newspapers or shop windows.

You could put up an ad for something such as an oven or a washing machine.

7. Sell some things on ebay.

Everyone is guilty of keeping things that they don’t actually want. When moving house everyone finds things they no longer need or want. Sell some of it on eBay and make a bit of money to use to decorate.

I hope some of these tips are helpful to you.

Eleanor May

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