Cute Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

I’m sure that if you have Instagram then you want your feed to look cute!

Since I am now a self confessed Instagram addict, I’m writing this little post on some of the photo editing apps that I use to make my photos look super kawaii.

Because who wouldn’t want their photos to be pink, glittery, sparkly and fun?!

I just wanted to quickly mention that these apps are free for you to download!

Line Camera

To make a photo cute, you need to sharpen and brighten it before adding any kind of filter. This is where Line camera comes in. They have a filter called ‘clear’ and it’s amazing for making all your photos look 100 times more professional. There’s also a whole range of boarders and filters that you can apply to your photos to make them instantly cuter. And you can adjust the level of the filter too!

Rakuga Cute

Rakuga Cute is probably the cutest of all these apps. Even the icon is adorable! If you’re really into ultra cute stickers and purika style photos, then this app is the app for you! There are soooo many stickers and stamps for you to choose from that you can decorate any photo to perfection. They have hearts, unicorns, stars and anything else that you could possibly think of.


Last by definitely not least is my favourite photo editing app. This is the one that I use the most for all of my photos. This app has lots of subtle, kawaii filters that you can add to any photo. And you can adjust the level of the filter on this app too! My favourite filter is ‘hearts’ and I also use ‘sweet’ sometimes.

If you use any other photo editing apps that are super cute then comment and let me know because I would love to try out some more apps.

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