Coconut Lane Wishlist | 20% off Discount Code

If you haven’t heard about the brand Coconut Lane before, allow me introduce you! Coconut Lane is a company that sell lots of beautiful accessories from laptop and phone cases, jewellery, socks and wall art. They even sell some clothing!

1. Fast Food Socks [x]

2. Nap Queen Sweatshirt [x]

3. Blog Notebook [x]

4. Coffee carbs Cuddles Coaster [x]

5. Candyfloss Marble Case [x]

6. Disney – Peter Pan Wall Art [x]

If you’d like to shop at Coconut Lane, I have a special discount code they gave me especially for you lovely lot! I did post the code on Twitter but if you didn’t see then I shall add it here too.

For 20% off type in:
at the checkout ♥
Happy Shopping!
Eleanor May

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