Bookshelf Tour | April 2016

I recently sorted through my books and donated loads to charity shops. I used to be obsessed with collecting books and I bought about 10 a week, some brand new and some from charity shops. I soon came to realise that there was no point in trying to fill up my bookshelf with books that I just won’t get around to reading.

So, I gave myself a huge task. My sister had a bookshelf which was half the size of mine. The task was to sort through all my books so that my sister and I could swap shelves. At first, I thought that it would be impossible and I was pretty much crying as I piled up books to give away. Eventually, I really got into it. I ended up donating over half of my books and now I only have a few books left that I really enjoy owning.

I thought that I would give you a little tour of my bookshelf now that it was all sorted and organised.

So on the top of my bookshelf, I have a collection of random thing that didn’t really have anywhere else to go. I have a little jar full of different kinds of hair bobbles. Next to that, I have an Anger mug which I have honestly never drank out of. I actually use it to store yu-gi-oh cards and other little cards. I then have a book that my mum got me full of happy quotes. I then have a Groot pop vinyl which my boyfriend gave me to. I also have a BMO pop vinyl. In-between the pop vinyls, I have a cow money box which I painted with one of my sisters. On the end, I have a tin full (I wish it was full) of coins.

On the next shelf down, I store most of my books. I have some of my manga at the start and then my other random books. This shelf is pretty much all the books that I own. I really did cut down when I sorted out my books.

Moving on the the next half, I have a collection of Shakespeare’s work. I love that collection so much. Sometimes I just sit and flick through them. Next to that, I have some book on rabbit care (I don’t even own a rabbit, I just want one), tattoo magazines and fashion magazines. I then have the Penguin Classic books that came out and they were all 80p. They look so cute on my shelf but I will probably never read them. I also have the Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter book by Louise Pentland. I haven’t read all of it yet but I enjoy flicking through it and reading a random section at a time. Finally, the last thing on my shelf is my Harry Potter books. My boyfriend bought me the boxset for Christmas and I don’t want to read them. They just look so good sat in the box, that I just don’t want to accidentally ruin one. So I have been borrowing my boyfriend’s copies of the books to actually read so I don’t have to touch mine. That is why there’s two copies of the second book on my shelf.

On my bottom shelf, I have a couple of DVDs, TV Shows and an exercise DVD. Majority of my DVDs are stored in a different place because I share them with all my family. I also have a section for my games. I have DS games, PS4 games and PS1 games. I need to buy more games to fill my shelf though. Lastly, I have some colouring books and colours. I like to keep them on the shelf as they are easy to grab if I’m feeling a little stressed.

P.S. What do you store on your bookshelf beside books?

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  1. April 14, 2016 / 7:23 pm

    That’s one amazing bookshelf!

  2. April 14, 2016 / 7:25 pm

    This is so cute! Have you read ‘the ice age’ by Kirsten reed? If not, by looking at your book selection I think you’d like it. Not that you need any more hahaha. PS girls is life xxx

    • April 14, 2016 / 8:01 pm

      I haven’t read it but I’ll be sure to give it a go! Oh wow, you like girls too?! Isn’t it just the best?! 🙂

      • April 14, 2016 / 8:07 pm

        It’s really good!
        Oh my god yes. I feel like I am Hannah 99% of the time

  3. April 14, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    You have Wonder on your shelf, I love that book! It’s amazing 🙂

    • April 14, 2016 / 7:59 pm

      Agreed! I couldn’t bare to part with that book because I just loved it so much 🙂

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