Body Confidence and Mental Health

Today we having something a little bit different. We have a guest post on body confidence by Rhi! Please head over and check out her blog as she writes some lovely stuff on mental health

Hello, everyone!

A massive thank you to Eleanor for allowing me to a guest post on body confidence and my experience on it.

Body confidence affects us all. Some of us have great body confidence, whilst others do not. I used to be and sometimes still fall into the category of people with pretty low self-confidence. I have never been sure on why this is the case, but living in today’s society where there are so many expectations, it is hardly surprising.

Personally, I believe much of it has to do with my mental health issues. I suffer largely from anxiety disorders, as well as chronic depression, so the way I perceive myself can very much be messed with by my mental health. I have so many friends who suffer from body confidence issues for a variety of things. Examples of these may be mental health issues, family issues, bullying or a traumatic event. At the end of the day; there are so many reasons a person may suffer from a lack of body confidence and it varies for each person.

I have become more body confident over the past year or so, because I have been able to learn more about how much of a façade the “Perfect” body is and how comparing yourself to others is not needed. Allowing yourself to have self-love and confidence is not a negative thing; it is in fact a wonderful way to making yourself feel happier about yourself and life. I cannot give you lovely humans any detailed advice about how I became body confident, because I honestly do not know. I, like many people, have my ups and downs about how I feel about myself, but I have taught myself to try and metaphorically fight against that hatred about myself. You all can do that too, but it shall take time, as nothing is ever fixed overnight. However, if you take on step at a time, you can do it!!

It is so very alarming how many people in the UK suffer from eating disorders, some of which I believe comes from how self-punishing the media makes us feel about ourselves, even though it is most likely unintentional. Obviously, there are many factors which may be involved on why a person end up suffering from an eating disorder, but regardless, it is very saddening that so many people feel so much self-hatred about themselves. We can all agree that we were not taught about self-love and body confidence in a lot of detail whilst in education, or generally in life situations when we were younger, am I right? I REALLY HOPE THAT THIS ATTITUDE CHANGES AND THESE ISSUES ARE TAUGHT ABOUT!!

So, my main advice to any of you who are suffering from body confidence issues… Use self-love techniques, yoga, swimming and small little activities that make you feel good about yourself to allow yourself to feel comfortable and confident in your body. Please, please, please ask for advice from someone close to you or from a doctor if you believe that your body confidence issues are becoming rather severe and/or there is a possibility that there are deeper issues, which may be causing you to have body confidence issues. We need to work together to make sure that body confidence becomes a positive experience for everyone, instead of a negative one. No-one should be made to feel misery about their own bodies. Your bodies are temples, which you should feel proud of. Please always remember that you are all beautiful, regardless of you size, skin colour and uniqueness. All your quirks and uniqueness are wonderful qualities to embrace!

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