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If you have been thinking about booking a holiday of a lifetime recently? Decided on anywhere to go yet?

If not, I have one amazing suggestion for you – Africa! The African continent is a great destination for an unforgettable family holiday. Firstly, it has fantastic weather for most of the year. You should also find it very easy going on your bank balance! There are also lots of activities that the kids will love to do while in Africa. For instance, you might want to book an exciting safari or hike into the desert. Plus, there’s just so much more!

To help you decide whether a trip to Africa should be on the cards for you and your family, here is my ultimate guide to the continent.

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Which Country?

Africa is made up of a lot of different countries, all of which have their very own culture and history. Here is a quick rundown of some of the best ones for a family holiday.

    • South Africa – This is a vast country – it’s about the size of Spain and France combined – and, as a result, has a very rich and varied landscape. The desert stretches through the middle of the country while the coasts are dotted with lush towns. However, the northern coast has a subtropical climate, so might not be the best destination for small children who won’t be able to handle the muggy heat. If you want to see some bracing coastline, head to the remote Eastern Cape, where you will find secluded beaches. Want to see some elephants? The Addo Elephant National Park is the best place to do that while Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is the most popular game reserve for safaris.
    • Egypt – Did you know that Egypt is the oldest tourist attraction on earth? It’s true! People have been traveling to the country to see the Ancient Pyramids for centuries. One of the most popular attractions in the country is the Valley of the Kings, where you can see tombs with bright hieroglyphics on the walls. Exploring the capital city of Cairo should also be on your to-do list. The kids will love walking around the bustling street food carts and stalls selling freshly squeezed orange juice!
    • Morocco – Even though Morocco is only an hour’s ferry ride from the coast of Spain, it still feels like it is a whole world away from ours. The cities are some of the most beautiful in the Arab world, including the cosmopolitan Casablanca and the historic Fes. There’s plenty to see and do, no matter where you go, for all ages. For instance, you can go camel trekking into the Sahara. If you want to discover the local culture, you should visit the gorgeous Tin Mal Mosque on the banks of the Atlas River.
    • Kenya – Kenya is known as being one of the best countries to go for a safari. There is an abundance of wildlife in the country, especially majestic big cats. Not only that, though, but Kenya is also known for its fantastic scenery. There are harsh deserts but also lush coastlines with numerous palm trees. There’ll be plenty of chance to relax on the beach and dip your toes into the Indian Ocean.



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Get Travel Vaccinations

Africa is generally a very safe continent to travel, but as some of its countries don’t have modern sanitation systems, they still have a problem with some illnesses. For instance, waterborne diseases such as typhoid and yellow fever are still rife. But that shouldn’t put you off visiting, as you can get vaccinations against them before you leave. If you tell your family doctor that you are planning to travel to Africa, he will be able to give you a complete list of all the vaccinations that your family will require. You should also buy some malaria medication to take with you. Generic malarone is the most popular anti-malaria medication and comes in tablet form. Everyone in your family will need to take one of these tablets every day so that they don’t develop malaria is they are bitten by a mosquito.

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Get Your Visas Ready

Generally speaking, as a UK national, you will need to get a visa before you can enter some African countries. This applies to countries like Kenya, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe. However, you will not need a visa to visit South Africa. If you do need a visa for your destination, then you should apply for one in plenty of time. Ideally, four months before you depart. The visa application process can be very long and drawn-out, and you might even be requested to go for an interview. So, it’s important you get the application started early so that it can be completed before you leave.

Don’t Take Fancy Clothes

There will be no need to take any fancy clothes with you on your trip to Africa, so don’t waste any room in your luggage by packing them. It is important to remember that poverty is still a big problem in many African countries. If you go around wearing fancy and expensive clothes, you will only attract unwanted attention as you will very clearly stand out. It’s also necessary that any ladies in your party stay well-covered.

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Don’t Get Too Snap Happy

There will be some unforgettable sights and views that you will want to record in photos. However, you shouldn’t go snapping at anything and everything. Local people often take offense at tourists taking pictures of them, so make sure you have the subject’s permission before you take a photo of them. They might expect a tip in return. You should also use your discretion when visiting religious sites and attractions as most of the locals might also take offence at you photographing their important places of worship.

Africa is certainly a very exciting destination for families. Just make sure that you do your research into the best destination for you and your family. And don’t forget that there are some very practical tips that you need to remember while you are travelling around.

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    I have yet to make the voyage to any Africa country as yet. However, I completely agree!

    A couple months ago, my son finished an 8 month gap year in Senegal. Ithe was rough on him.

    I was incredibly excited for him, and am so looking forward to making a tour around, once I am able to make this voyage.

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