My Favourite Apps For Learning Japanese

Something that I care about in life is learning Japanese. One of the main ways that I learn Japanese is through apps. I thought that I would share with you some of my most used apps for learning Japanese.

All of these apps are free to download which is great!

The first app is called Learn Japanese. This app is probably one of my absolute favourites. It’s like a phase book. You can tap on a phase and then it will say the sentence or phase in Japanese. It also shops you the spelling of the word in romanji so that you can read along.

Possibly the cutest app in this list is Pastel Kana. This app allows you to revise your hiragana and katakana. The colours are all pastel and pretty which makes learning so much more fun. I always find that I remember things easier when it’s wrote in colours.

The next app in the list is called Japanese Mindsnacks. To this day, Mindsnacks is still one of my favourite apps. It’s a really good app for learning vocab and you can play fun games. If you have a spare minute then these fun, cute and simple games are great for you to kill some time.

The last app that I just NEED to mention is HiNative. If you’re a language learner like me then I would definitely recommend downloading this app. You can communicate with natives of the language you are trying to learn and ask people how to say certain phrases or words.

So that’s some of my favourite apps that I use for learning Japanese. What apps do you use to learn a language?

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