A Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Me,

If everything went to plan, you are probably reading this letter at home with your husband (hopefully my current boyfriend) and your perfect little family. Hopefully you have set up your own little photography business by now. If not, then I guess something happened along the way to make you no longer want to do that. If so, everything happens for a reason. No matter what you are doing with yourself, I hope you found happiness.

I think I should start off by saying sorry. I’m sorry that I messed up rather a lot during the past couple of years. I’m sorry I dropped out of education which has probably made your life a little harder. I’m sorry I pushed away people that you probably would have liked to have in your life.

I really hope that over the next few years, I don’t do anything too awful that you will spend your days regretting. I am still learning and finding out who I am. I know I will make some mistakes. Hopefully, none are too drastic.

I hope that you are adventurous and have travelled across the globe. I hope that you visited Paris and Amsterdam like you always wanted to. I hope that you got to meet some amazing new people and made friends with people all over the world. As I am now, I am in no place to travel. However, I would jump at the chance to be able to. Make it happen!

I hope you look back at the things I/you have done and learn from them. Stop worrying what other people think about you like I spend my days doing. Stop dressing like everyone else so that you can fit in. Be you and express who you are.

From your younger self.

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  1. December 15, 2014 / 8:53 pm

    First, I sincerely thank you for supporting my site…it means a lot to me…every time someone does.
    Second, THIS post that you’ve written to your future self is fantastic!
    I’d simply add: You appear to me to be on the right track. You already understand a few very key elements to having a meaningful and happy life, such as making time to discover who you are and what you enjoy doing. This will and should change over the course of your life. I think you may surprise yourself when you find life not becoming harder because you made some choices and not others. Instead leave the door open for joy and true happiness to find you based on those choices!

    You also understand the importance of owning and being true to yourself. You can appreciate others for their style and their choices in life without following along behind them just to fit in. What i am learning in owning myself and my style is the more I do it, the more I LIKE ME. If others get it…cool… if not, that’s OK too.

    Lastly, I think your future self is going to be quite pleased with you.

    How do I know this?

    I don’t. I simply have a feeling it’s what your future self will think of her younger self…

  2. December 16, 2014 / 1:26 am

    Tell me about it with the inability to travel – so many places to go!

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