A Guest Post on Passion

Well hello there! I’m Annie and I was thrilled when Eleanor offered to accept guest posts. So here I am writing one. Once she told me about what she imagined to be the topic of this I had an enormous brainstorm that failed miserably. The original request was to write about a PASSION.

But of course, Annie being Annie, I can’t follow the rules. So Eleanor kindly accepted my request to slightly change the topic. That being said it’s impossible for me to write about my one passion because I have a million passions and they are all equally important to me.

You know how people have that one passion that drives them and spectates their lives. How people just know what they want to do in life who they want to be. I’m not one of those people.

I am chronically passionate and my many passions appear and disappear, mold and fold. If you can, please imagine a grown up changing her mind like a toddler would. “Oh, I’d like to be a doctor… Nope, maybe I like violins. Nah martial arts sound just about right.” And so on and so on. It’s not that I’m indecisive I’m just interested (and passionate) about everything I come across. I want to know, try and do everything and anything. Of course, that kind of mindset is really in the way most of the time. For example, as a kid, my parents were going crazy because I was unable to decide on a hobby and “everything” was obviously not an option. It was the same when it was the time to decide on my education. An impossible decision to make, therefore I decided for the passion that was in the residence of my mind at the moment and stood out the most. Was I right to decide what I did at that moment? I don’t know. I’ll probably never know. I never had that “calling” as people call it. The thing that would tell me what way I’m supposed to go. So I’m basically cruising through my life with a seriously messed up compass. But surprisingly I can’t say that I ever got lost.

So even though I’m in thing huge jumble of “What if”, “Maybe this” I can’t say I’d want to have it any other way. I learned to embrace and tackle my mindset, as well as attempt to try out as many things as possible. Maybe, not to find my passion, but defiantly because it’s fun. I’m also known to “channel” the passion of other people. Sometimes I’ll just get passionate about the thing a person next to me is passionate about. And when that happens, I’ll do just about anything to help them chase that passion.

Even though some people see me as a loser with no direction and who did nothing in her life yet. I know that I achieved something important. And that’s acceptance. I accepted myself the way I am and I accepted the fact that my course in life is not yet decided. Besides that, I also learned a whole lot of stuff. Therefore people who are close to me often call me a “Walking encyclopedia” or a “Mad scientist”.

What I wanted to do with this post, is simply tell you that you should do you. Do what feels right, even though you might feel like there’s no place for you because you currently don’t know what to do in life. Do what makes you happy, no matter how small or unimportant it is.

Do you have a similar problem as me?

If you do have one passion, what is it?

Comment here, but also let me know by contacting me on my twitter or blog.


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