5 Things You Should Donate To Charity Shops

Many people are now turning to charity shops for a cheap way to buy their clothes, housewear and furniture. Charity shops are crying out for donations and volunteers. It would be nice if everyone could go through a few things and make a little donation. Every little thing helps. There’s lot of things that you can donate.

Clothes. We all have clothes just sitting in our wardrobes that we never wear may they be too big, too small, or we just don’t like them. Instead of letting them just hang in your wardrobe doing nothing, why not donate them and let someone else have the pleasure of wearing them.

Books. Recently I went through all my books and I found so many that I just don’t want anymore. I decided if I don’t want them, I’ll donate them.

Board games and puzzles. I know for a fact that I have a huge pile of unplayed games in a cupboard upstairs. I’m sure a lot of you do too. We could all grab them and give them to a charity shop so that a child (or adult) can enjoy them because let’s face it, our cupboard isn’t playing with them. Before donations them, you will need to check that all the pieces are there and aren’t broken.

Furniture. This is something that I didn’t know you could donate. I used to just throw my old furniture in a skip. You can actually find charity shops dedicated to selling furniture such as sofa and tables. Often, they have someone who will come and collect the furniture from your house so you don’t even have to do anything.

Soft furnishings. This is something that I didn’t know you could donate until recently. A lot of charity shops will take your curtains, bed sheets and small rugs. Please make sure that you don’t try to donate things that aren’t clean.

There’s so much more that you can donate to charity shops and they will be so grateful. Call into your local charity shop and see if there’s anything they need that you could donate. You can also look online to see what the dos and don’ts are towards donating.

P.S. No one wants your sex toys, dirty underwear and stained clothes. Please consider what you’re donating. Charity shops have to spend thousands of pounds getting rid of all the faulty items that are donated.

P.S.S. Maybe if you have a few hours spare, you could volunteer at a charity shop.

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  1. February 12, 2016 / 9:11 pm

    Yes! I wished more poeple would donate to charity shops, it seriously costs nothing but helps somebody so much. I need to shop in the stores themeselves more too…

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