5 Reasons To Become A Member Of Chester Zoo

Something that Simon and I love to do is go to the zoo together. SO much so that we joined the zoo and became members there. This means that we can now go even more!

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If you live close to (or can afford to travel to) Chester Zoo then I definitely recommend that you join and become a member as soon as you can! This is why.

1. You can visit the zoo as often as you want.

I mean… this is the main reasons to join the zoo, isn’t it?! If you love animals then you’ll definitely want to visit the zoo as often as possible. What Simon and I do is go and see only half the zoo which takes about half a day. We do this because the full zoo is just too much for us because there’s so much to see! By seeing half the zoo on each trip, we can visit more often and still enjoy our trips.

2. You are supporting a great zoo.

Chester Zoo is definitely the best zoo in the UK. That’s not just my opinion, it’s the opinion of many. Some zoos treat their animals poorly yet Chester Zoo really look after their animals and that’s something that we should all support.

3. You get discounts on everything.

If you nip into one of the cafes, you get 10% discount. If you go into a gift shop, you get 10% off. Buying a drink? 10% off! Buying lunch? 10% off! The only problem is that if you end up spending a lot more knowing that you’re getting a bargain.

4. You get free entry into other zoos and attractions.

Who wouldn’t want this?! If you become a member of Chester Zoo then you are able to visit other zoo for free too. All you need to do is take your membership information to the other zoo or attraction and you will be welcomed in FOR FREE!

5. The Chester Zoo quarterly magazine.

Some of the best post that I get is the Chester Zoo magazine. It includes some zoo updates as well as awesome photos and events that are happening at the zoo.

There’s so many more reasons to become a member of Chester Zoo and I definitely think that you should do it now! If you do want to become a member then you can do so by clicking here.

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