4 Bookish Pet Peeves

So, this is specifically going to be focusing on the physical aspects of books instead of the actual writing style. So let’s just jump into my bookish pet peeves…

1. Stickers on the cover. They are not easy to remove and they will leave a sticky residue and I will get upset.

2. Movie covers on books. I really just don’t see a point in making the book have a completely different cover. I like all my book series to match and movie covers just don’t.

3. Not all books being the same size. I like to have my bookshelves looking perfect. When books come in different sizes, it really bothers me.

4. Publishers printing books on thin paper. Some books look like such little reads but then when you actually get started, it turns out to be a really long book. The reason is because the book is printed on thin paper. Not only do they get ruined easily but they also make the book harder to read.

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