101 Things to do before you die

1. Get a tattoo.
2. See your favourite band live.
3. Go on a road trip with your best friend.
4. Travel all around the world.
5. learn a new language.
6. Achieve your ideal weight.
7. Run a marathon.
8. Swim with dolphins.
9. Go skydiving.
10. make a difference to someone’s life.
11. Watch s a sunrise/ sunset.
12. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
13. See the Northern Lights.
14. Own a pet.
15. Go stargazing.
16. Go on a blind date.
17. Live in a different country for 6 months.
18. Meet your favourite celebrity.
19. Create your dream home.
20. Write a novel.
21. Go snorkeling.
22. Go on a a carnival date.
23. Fly first class.
24. Visit a volcano.
25. Learn sign language.
26. See the Mona Lisa.
27. Visit New York.
28. See the Eiffel Tower.
29. Ride a camel.
30. Have dinner in a location that overlooks the entire city.
31. Sail out in the sea for a week.
32. Get a pebble to bounce off the surface of the water 4 times.
33. Have a paint fight.
34. Ride a mechanical bull.
35. Visit the Grand Canyon.
36. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
37. Learn to play chess.
38. learn to juggle.
39. Have a romantic meal on a rooftop.
40. Create your family tree.
41. Live in a house by a lake.
42. Build a tree house.
43. Volunteer at a dog shelter.
44. Own your dream car.
45. Own the perfect little black dress.
46. Be part of a flashmob.
47. Ride a segway.
48. Have your portrait painted.
49. Shower in a waterfall.
50. See a lunar eclipse.
51. Spend New Year’s eve in Times square.
52. Sleep under the stars.
53. Travel on a safari.
54. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
55. Spend a day at the spa.
56. Crowd surf.
57. Get a book published.
58. Be on a game show.
59. Surf the waves in Hawaii.
60. Visit all of the states of America.
61. Go on a cruise.
62. Take a photo in front of the Taj Mahal.
63. Swim in the ocean.
64. Sleep on a trampoline.
65. Go Ice fishing.
66. Camp in a national park.
67. Finish a corn maze.
68. Visit Niagara Falls.
69. Make a scrapbook.
70. own a pinball machine.
71. Read 52 books in a year.
72. Visit Disney World.
73. Wash an elephant.
74. Hug a Koala bear.
75. Get a cream pie in the face.
76. Walk barefoot in the rain.
77. Have a beach bonfire.
78. Go grape stomping.
79. Ride an elephant.
80. Float in the Dead Sea.
81. Walk through japan’s tunnel of lights.
82. Flyboard.
83. Cover someone’s car in post-it notes.
84. Buy a beach house.
85. Visit a haunted house.
86. Milk a cow.
87. Ride a Cable car in San Francisco.
88. Go to the summer Olympics.
89. Travel to Macedonia.
90. Spend an entire day in bed with that special person.
91. Become a professional photographer.
92. Have a pool in the back yard.
93. Play with flying sky lanterns.
94. Go to a fashion show.
95. Pet a baby lion.
96. Participate in a zombie walk.
97. Walk around with a fake mustache on all day.
98. Do something crazy with your hair.
99. Have a walk-in wardrobe.
100. Receive a love letter.
101. Find true love.

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