101 Little Things To Smile About

Let’s look on the bright side for a moment!

1. Getting into bed after a long day.
2. Finding jeans that don’t go saggy by your knees.
3. When someone remembers the things you say.
4. Hearing your favourite song on the radio.
5. Coming up with a great username that hasn’t been taken.
6. A compliment from a stranger.
7. Friendly cashiers.
8. Looking at old photos.
9. Good books.
10. Laughing until your side hurts.
11. Finding something you thought you lost.
12. Good morning texts.
13. Getting a good night sleep.
14. Drinking tea.
15. Hugs.
16. The cold side of your pillow.
17. Cute nicknames.
18. When the lights go off at a concert.
19. Getting a good grade on something you worked hard on.
20. Just shaved legs.
21. Naps.
22. The comfort of being in your own home.
23. Hearing someone snort when they laugh.
24. getting home after a long day.
25. Taking off your make up at the end of the day.
26. The fact that puppies exist.
27. People who just get you.
28. Listening to music through new headphones.
29. Cuddles with you pets.
30. When people are proud of you.
31. Felling good about yourself.
32. Successful shopping trips.
33. Putting on pajamas after a long day.
34. Surprises.
35. Succeeding when you thought you wouldn’t.
36. Painting you nails without smudging them.
37. Meeting up with someone who you haven’t seen in a while.
38. Free wifi.
39. Oversized jumpers.
40. Hugs from your best friend.
41. Waking up in the night and realising you can go back to sleep.
42. Payday.
43. Seeing someone smile because of you.
44. Hot chocolate on a cold day.
45. Reading a good book on a rainy day.
46. Putting on your make up perfectly.
47. People who’s laugh is funnier than the joke.
48. Accidentally finding a great new song.
49. Lazy weekends.
50. Strawberry picking season.
51. Free shipping.
52. Going out drinking and waking up the next day without a hangover.
53. Correctly guessing the next song on shuffle.
54.Waking up in a good mood.
55. When someone sticks up for you.
56. Fireworks.
57. Going out to eat.
58.The feeling on sand between your toes.
59. Inspirational teachers.
60. Eating something you have been craving for a long time.
61. Books that can make you laugh/cry.
62. Good listeners.
63. Plugging in your laptop just before it dies.
64. Achieving the perfect milk to cereal ratio.
65. Being in a person’s profile picture.
66. Peeling dried glue off your hands.
67. Seeing a movie in an empty cinema.
68. Being forgiven.
69. When someone calls you their best friend.
70. When a package you ordered arrives earlier than you expected it to.
71. The satisfaction of scratching an itch.
72. Realising there’s a sequel to the book you loved.
73. When someone notices you had a haircut.
74. Drinking from your favourite mug.
75. Finding the perfect dress.
76. falling asleep with the person you love.
77. Seeing a full moon.
78. Good hair days.
79. Good story-tellers.
80. Beating you high score.
81. Fixing something broken.
82. Quick downloads.
83. When someone offers you food.
84. Completing a DIY project.
85. Quality bonding time.
86. When people remember your birthday.
87. Hearing how people meet.
88. Meeting new people who you instantly get on with.
89. City skylines.
90. Getting a rush of ideas after writer’s block.
91. Seeing your breath on a cold day.
92. Crossing something off your bucket list.
93. Sunrises/sunsets.
94. Food samples.
95. When a person enjoys something that you recommended.
96. Good dreams.
97. Fully-charged battery.
98. When scissors glide across wrapping paper.
99. Taking a shower after camping.
100. City lights at night.
101. The fact that you exist and that is a wonderful thing.

What do you have to smile about?

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