101 Annoying Things

We all get annoyed by the most basic of things. It can be something completely small or something huge but there’s a lot of things that can wind us up.

1. People who walk slowly.
2. Late public transport.
3. When one earphone stops working,
4. Stepping in water with socks on.
5. people reading over your shoulder.
6. Losing your phone while it’s on silent.
7. Noisy eaters.
8. Having a good hair moment just before going to had or having a shower.
9. People who read out loud while writing something.
10. Losing one shoe.
11. Guys who leave the toilet seat up.
12. People who put DVDs back in the wrong case.
13. When people say “What’s up?” instead of saying “hi or hello”. (How do you even reply to that?!)
14. YouTube adverts.
15. Facebook.
16. Unnecessary movie sequels.
17. One word replies.
18. People who don’t know the difference between your and you’re.
19. When people ask me for advice and do the opposite of what I tell them.
20. Christmas lights up way after Christmas.
21. People who ask “Can I ask you a question?”.
22. People who talk through movies. (Even though I am guilt of this).
23. People who bend the bind of books.
24. Adverts that go on longer than the actual tv show.
25. People who borrow stuff and never give it back.
26. Mispronunciation of words.
27. Shopping trolleys with a broken wheel.
28. People who stand in the middle of the aisle at the supermarket.
29. People who say “”awkward” in any moment that no one is talking.
30. TV adverts being louder than the actual show.
31. People who along to songs even though they don’t know the words.
32. People who brag about how drunk they got.
33. Being on hold.
34. Junk mail.
35. Hearing people’s music even though they have earphones in.
36. People who cut their toenails in bed.
37. When people don’t flush the toilet.
38. Characters that have just met each other in movies arrange dates without exchanging any contact or meet information.
39. People who leave my bedroom door open.
40. Hearing the alarm go off in the morning.
41. eating in bed and leaving crumbs.
42. people who don’t pick up their dog’s poo.
43. People who talk to you while you are in the bathroom.
44. Drivers who take up two parking spaces.
45. Fake laughter.
46. People who don’t lock the door on public toilets.
47. Overly sticky price labels.
48. People who clap at the end of movies in the cinema.
49. Odd socks.
50. Wobbly tables.
51. Squeaky chairs.
52. Losing a bottle lid.
53. People who say “Can I ask you something?”.
54. Text talk.
55. Having to separate frozen food.<br
56. When the ring pull comes off without opening the can.
57. Short laptop cables.
58. trying to see the tv when the sun is shining on it.
59. When it feels like your phone vibrated in you pocket, when it didn’t.
60. Dirty touchscreen devices.
61. people who stop playing a game with you just because they are losing.
62. CD cases that don’t have the track numbers.
63. Trying to match plain black socks.
64. People who leave cupboard doors open.
65. When you have 100s of tabs open and music is coming from one and you don’t know which.
66. Spots and blackheads.
67. Losing the start of the sellotype.
68. ‘Batteries not included’.
69. Not having internet access.
70. People who treat PE like it’s the Olympics.
71. People who stare at you while at the gym.
72. Small toasters that don’t fit all the bread in.
73. Having that friend who does everything just because you did.
74. Trying to organise large groups of people.
75. Having a bad song stuck in your head.
76. Having a bad hair day when you need to go somewhere.
77. Waiting for deliveries.
78. people who take forever to reply.
79. Adverts on Spotify.
80. Queuing.
81. Getting stuck in traffic.
82. Pot holes in the road.
83. Spelling errors in books.
84. Predictive text.
85. Delayed trains.
86. Keypad tones.
87. When people leave the milk out.
88. Sale people who stand in the street.
89. Having to pay to use public toilets.
90. When you’re comfy in bed but you need to use the bathroom.
91. People who talk loudly on their phone in public places.
92. bands who add two new songs to an album and release it again.
93. When food packaging is larger than the actual food.
94. Rude shop assistants.
95. Poor customer service.
96. When you have been working on something on the computer for hours and it decides to crash.
97. Putting you hand under the railing in public to find someone’s gross chewing gum.
98. People who stand right next to you and start smoking.
99. Singers who mime.
100. Couples who show a bit too much PDA.
101. People who shout things across the street at you.

What really annoys you? I would love to hear all the funny things that really piss you off!

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